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Covenant Health is an innovative, Catholic regional delivery network and a leader in values based, not-for-profit health and elder care. We sponsor hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences and other health and elder care organizations throughout New England.

Why Catholic Health Care?

What makes Catholic, not-for-profit health care unique?

The unique qualities of Catholic health care facilities go beyond our not-for-profit status. All Catholic health and elder care facilities are committed to reaching out and meeting the needs of the underserved. We provide pastoral care and mission-related services and offer a wide range of specialized services that other providers may choose not to provide due to inadequate reimbursement through public payment sources. Our pain management and palliative care programs are innovative in our industry, but originate in our Catholic tradition of care with compassion. Our employees take pride in carrying forth the mission of Catholic health care as is evidenced by their comments and also through letters of appreciation from patients, residents and their family members.

Many Catholic health care facilities are located in urban areas, where they were founded by religious communities who came to this country to care for the poor and underserved. In fact, some of Covenant's nursing homes were founded as poorhouses and orphanages before converting to long-term care facilities to better serve the changing needs of the community. We have remained in our communities at a time when many competing providers have moved to more affluent suburbs, and we have refocused our services to be culturally sensitive to the needs of the new immigrant populations who are now turning to us for care. As always, we are committed to serving those in our community regardless of their religious faith. 

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