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St. Mary’s Health System Names Advisory Board for Its Albert Lepage Center for Patient Experience


St. Mary’s Health System, a member of Covenant Health, has named an Advisory Board for its Albert Lepage Center for Patient Experience. The Center reflects St. Mary’s ongoing commitment to providing exceptional care and service as well as Mr. Lepage’s desire to strengthen and advance healthcare for St. Mary’s patients and the community. The Center focuses on promoting and advancing leading patient experience enhancements through research, best practice development and implementation, innovation grants and more.

“Our advisory board members, who are also active members of the local community, have dedicated themselves to working in collaboration with St. Mary’s team to ensure the care patients receive is exemplary,” said René Dumont, Chief Patient Experience Officer, St. Mary’s Health System. “We’re grateful for their service.”

Advisory Board Members, who are appointed, currently include:

Dr. Chris Bowe
Chris is the Chief Medical Officer of St. Mary’s Health System. He is a champion of continuously improving employee engagement within the system. 

Jill Bruce
Jill is an Auburn resident. She recently retired from L.L. Bean where she was a Customer Experience Leader. 

Brad Coffey
Brad is President of St. Mary’s Health System Foundation and Senior Vice President of Covenant Health. 

Peter Geiger
Peter served on the Board of Directors for St. Mary’s Health System. He has been a long-time and strong supporter of the system. 

Lena-Jo Hartley
Lena-Jo is a financial consultant and owner of Downeast Financial Group in Lewiston. She also serves on the St. Mary’s Health System Board of Directors. 

Steve Jorgensen
Steve is President of St. Mary’s Health System and Senior Vice President of Covenant Health. 

Regis Lepage
Regis served on the boards of both St. Mary’s Health System and Covenant Health. He has been a dedicated and passionate supporter of St. Mary’s for many years. 

Jason Levesque
Jason founded and recently sold Argo Contact Centers, which has been one of Maine’s fastest growing companies. He currently serves as Auburn’s Mayor.

Dr. Rosemarie Sheline
Rosemarie owns and operates Maple Way Dentistry in Lewiston, which is known for fantastic patient experiences. She is also a strong supporter of St. Mary’s.

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