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Covenant Health is an innovative, Catholic regional delivery network and a leader in values based, not-for-profit health and elder care. We sponsor hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences and other health and elder care organizations throughout New England.

Partnership Benefits

Successful Partnering Relationships with Covenant Health are varied and include:

  • Affiliation: Includes access to educational programming; purchasing; organizational integrity programs; mission effectiveness programs and participation in committees/task forces; planning/governance retreats etc.
  • Contract Management: Covenant Health, as a regional health care system, provides expertise and support to organizations that want to retain governance control but which seek to avail themselves of experienced and professional management.
  • Membership/Sponsorship: The sponsor/owner/board maintains governance of their facility and delegates a list of reserve powers such as operations, planning, financial oversight, etc., which Covenant exercises on their behalf.
  • Consulting Support: Includes services to organizations operating or developing long-term care facilities, assisted living residences, infirmaries for Religious, community-based programs or independent housing. Services can include financial and operational consultation, strategic planning support, market feasibility analysis, etc.

If you would like information about how a relationship with Covenant Health could benefit your organization, please call us at no obligation. Our toll free number is 877-862-1634 or e-mail us at